Find IAC room

If you are not at the home page, click on HOME button (1). Next click on CASUAL (2).

That changes screen. Next click ALL PUBLIC AND PRIVATE CLUBS (3).

There are some more clicks needed ;) Click on ALL PRIVATE CLUBS (4).

In the list of all those clubs locate BBO Intermediate Advanced Club, managed by bbo_iac. Click SHOW TABLES of that room  (5).

Sometimes you may get this stupid message.:

That's because web BBO version never shows all tables in any room, you have to choose one of the horizontal tabs at the top.

If you choose OPEN TABLES, it will list tables with empty seats (6).

If you choose FULL TABLES, it will only list completely full tables (7).

And, if you click on FRIENDS (8), listed will be tables where at least one player (not kibber) is on your friend list.
You also can always start the new table (button just over chat area).

Click on the table you want to join.

(Of course, if there are no open tables then the only option offered is to start one.)

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