Voice at BBO

Lately many teachers use voice. Some use external radio link, and others BBO voice. For both you'll need to have some device that reproduces sound, as speakers or headphones etc.

* * *     BBO voice     * * *

When you join the teaching table, if there is sound, area of chat box looks like this:

You need to click on Start Listening (1),
and button will become red "Stop Listening" (2)

Note that teachers do not speak all the time, and it's not nice
asking every 10 seconds "is he talking"?

If you are listening, and teacher IS speaking at that moment,
the bar near speaker's name is red (3):

Drag little arrow left of right to adjust sound volume (4).

If you were listening while kibitzing, and you sit to play, you'll LOSE the sound.
 Just click on Listen button again.

* * *     RADIO links     * * *

Some teachers opt for external links as online radios.
They have nothing to do with BBO itself, you should open that link (http://ocp.radio12345.com/ for example) in a new tab of your browser and it should start reproducing automatically. If sound stops, simply reload that page.

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