IAC Teams Series

Team Captains are responsible for getting their teams into IAC at a team table 10 minutes before the start. The reason for the teams to be in the club early is so if a team is having a problem finding a sub we have time to help and still start on time.
All captains should go to IAC room and Start New Table.

Lock and reserve seats for the players that will participate in that match.
Subs are the team captain's responsibility, but we will help  if needed (that's why the need of adding a co-TD). If both teams are ready to go, they can start early.  The Captain of the Home Team is responsible for setting the match. He can see who will be opps, by listing tables in the club.

That's why it is important to fill the DESCRIPTION with you Team Name, as it helps you opping team easily see you, and who will pard whom.
Remind your teamies to accept the invitation for Team Match as soon as it appears. It's very annoying that one has to do all process of team creation all over again, just because 1 player of 8 declined or went for coffee and invitation timed-out.

* * *   How to create Team Match in web BBO?   * * *

If you are not at the home page, click on HOME button. Next click on COMPETITIVE (1).

Next click on TEAM MATCHES {2}

That opens yet another screen, as shown here.

It does not matter if "Pending" or "Running" horizontal tab is selected, nor if you see it empty or with some teams listed.

You need to click at the bottom of the box where it says "Create Team Match". {3}
The following window is displayed:

If the team you are creating is for IAC Teams Series, their settings are predefined by club rules, so you must set it that exact way.

* Please do following *

A) In Identification section:
A1) in Title box type IAC Teams
A2) in boxes for Team 1 and Team 2 type names of both teams

B) In Format Scoring section
B1) Choose IMPs
B2) set Number of Boards to 12

C) In Options Section
Unselect ALL check-boxes except Allow Kibitzers

D) In Deal source
"Use random deals" should be selected

E) And finally in Reserve Seats section
Type in (correctly spelled!!)  names of all players of both teams.

It should look as:

Now just hit Create Team Match. {4}

And Yes when you get confirmation box.

* * *

In IAC Team Series, it is extremely important that all Team Directors add a co-TD, which name you'll be given prior to start. That will allow IAC to solve eventual problems at the tables, add subs or make substitutions if some player gets stuck.
It will also allow the captain setting the match to play with same concentration as all other players, without being bothered by TD calls, as they will be taken care by a co-TD.

* * *    This is how you add a TD     * * *

When a Team Match is created, at the very  right  of your screen a new  vertical tab  will appear, labeled Director.
Click on it {5} and you will see following:

Next click on Action drop box {6}
and select Edit Team Match {7}

That opens yet another box as shown here:

In box left of ADD button, type in name of co-TD you were given (bbo_iac for example) - {8} and then click on ADD {9}

bbo_iac is now added to the list of TDs. Click on Modify {10}and enjoy your game !!!

Please remember that although we hope that all members will play to the best of their ability, these are to be as friendly as they are competitive. No discussing of hands or teaching during the matches please, reviews in the club afterwards are encouraged.

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